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Perfect Pool and Spa Software 8.0


THE most comprehensive product on the market!

  • Save up to 50% on Chemicals!

  • 2 Simple Steps to Safe, Perfectly Crystal Clear Water!

  • Just input test results from your test kit!

  • The software tells you what to do!

  • Whether you have One Pool or Spa or Thousands of Pools!  This software can handle the job!


Designed For Home Users and Pool Professionals

The only Pool and Spa Care software based upon

Proven ANSI and NSPI Standards *

Unlimited email and telephone support!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Compatible with Windows XP Service Pack 3, Server 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10


Microsoft Certified Virus Free Software

Only $25.00


Advanced Features                Basic Features
(The following features are included in the basic software but are not required for home use.  These are features that may be useful for pool professionals, dealers and pool maintenance companies)
Unlimited Pools or Spas
Keep track of all your pools and spas and be able to find them later by searching for any part of a First Name, Last Name, Phone, Street, City, State, Zip, Email Address, Notes and Pool ID.

The notes section can be used for anything.  The MyPoolID field can be used for your own special customer ID or number.

Customize the Ideal Range Settings
By Default all the ranges are set based upon NSPI recommendations.

You can change the ranges for an individual pool or for all new pools and spas.

Customize the Print Outs
Change the Print Out Preferences for a professional report to leave with your customers!
Customize the Chemical Names
This is useful for modifying the chemical names.  For example; you could have the software recommend adding "Sodium Bicarbonate"  or even "Bob's Special Alkalinity" instead of "Total Alkalinity".

You can also change the % active amount if it is different.

You can select from a list of common brand names or just add your own.

Chart the History of Each Test Result
Select which test and what time frame
Print charts or save them to a PDF file
Keep notes on each treatment
Export the pool test results data to Microsoft Excel
Custom Shape Design Calculator

Calculate the volume of odd shaped pools with the Custom Shape Pool Design Calculator

High Phosphate Calculator

Click on Tools/Phosphate Removal Calculator to estimate the amount of chemical to add to your pool or spa to remove phosphate. 

Phosphates usually promote the growth of algae and are unwanted in pool water. There is no recommended ideal range although I have seen many recommendations for keeping the concentration at less than 1000 ppb. Phosphates are introduced to the pool or spa water by either refill water or from a by-product of some other additive. Another possible source may be fertilizer. Phosphates add to total dissolved solids but do not independently affect water sanitation, quality or balance, therefore, they are treated separate from the other water components. There is no standardized treatment for phosphates in pool water and the products used to remove phosphates generally list the ingredients as "Proprietary". This calculator can be used to assist in treating your pool or spa if the product you are using states the dosage.

Basic Features


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