Perfect Pool and Spa Software Version 8.0 is now ready for download!

Perfect Pool and Spa Software 8.0


THE most comprehensive product on the market!

  • Save up to 50% on Chemicals!

  • 2 Simple Steps to Safe, Perfectly Crystal Clear Water!

  • Just input test results from your test kit!

  • The software tells you what to do!

  • Whether you have One Pool or Spa or Thousands of Pools!  This software can handle the job!

  • Pool Volume Calculator


Designed For Home Users and Pool Professionals

The only Pool and Spa Care software based upon

Proven ANSI and NSPI Standards *

Unlimited email and telephone support!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Compatible with Windows XP sp 3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10


Microsoft Certified Virus Free Software

Only $25.00

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Basic Features              Advanced Features

Simple 2 Step Operation

(Features typically used by home users)


* Input test kit results into the software

* Follow the directions

* The right chemicals, in the right amount in the right order

Ideal Range Indicators:
Know immediately whether your tests are within the ideal range
Simple Set Up
Just answer a few questions and then press "Done"
Water Volume Calculator
Helps you determine the volume of water in your pool

Pool Water Volume Calculator

Standard or odd sizes

Draw your own pool or select from standard shapes

Personal Maintenance Schedule
Create a personal maintenance schedule tailored to your specific pool or spa to keep your water crystal clear.
Water Adjustment Reference Guide
Print out a customized Water Adjustment Reference Guide.  This is great to keep at your pool side for a quick reference on how to quickly adjust pool readings or how to shock your pool!
Special Actions List
The water appearance should normally be "Crystal Clear"

If not, just select the appropriate action or problem.

Here's a list of options:

  • Water Appears Crystal Clear and Normal
  • Water has Green, Yellow or Black Algae Present
  • Water is Cloudy, Smoky or Hazy
  • Water has Pink Slime Present
  • Shock Now with a Normal Dose!
  • Shock Now with a Double Dose!
  • Shock Now with a Triple Dose!
  • Water is Sudsy or Foamy
  • Stains on " & Profile & " Walls
  • Scale on " & Profile & " Walls
  • Water is Corrosive")
  • Water has a Strong Chlorine Odor
  • Chlorine Test Turns Orange
  • Filter is Clogged
  • Water is causing Eye and Skin Irritation
  • High Chlorine Consumption
  • High Calcium or Total Dissolved Solids
  • pH Bounces Up and Down
  • Water Tastes Salty
  • New " & Profile & " Set Up
  • Open " & Profile & " For the Season
  • Close " & Profile & " For the Season
Customize the Software
Standard or Metric Measurements:

U.S. Standard format such as 
Gallons, Pounds, Ounces, Cups and Teaspoons, Feet, and Inches.

Metric format such as
Liters, Kilograms, Milliliters and Meters.

Safe Water Balance Mode:

Recommended for home users, this option balances the water in 2 or MORE steps. 
This mode is considered safer because it forces you to re-test the water after each chemical addition 
thus preventing errors in reading test results and adding too many chemicals at once.


Quick Balance Mode:

Recommended for pool professionals, this option balances the water usually in ONE step. 
This mode is useful when it's not convenient to go back and re-test the water. 

More Features


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